Our Story

In 2014 I took the plunge. After many years of building a successful career in business and working as a qualified IT teacher, I decided to leave it all behind and peruse an idea I felt passionate about. With determination, dedication and drive I developed an online business in which my hard work would later pay off and ultimately become a huge success.

We distributed Textiles throughout the UK and Europe, and when selling standard pillows, I was surprised at what I would discover. So many of my existing customers, friends and family members complained they were yet to find a pillow that could improve the overall quality of their sleep. When asked what issues they faced many people complained about the same things, that generic pillows just didn’t quite meet their expectations. The products were either too soft, too firm, not the right shape or thickness and overall didn’t really benefit the customer in any way, nor did it aid to their sleep quality. Another problem people encountered seemed to be that the pillows they already purchased didn’t have a very long life-span. They seemed to need replenishing frequently and over time this became a great expense.

I spent the next five years traveling across the world, visiting different countries and researching possible materials, designs and filling types. I learned of the impact a quality pillow has on a person’s sleep, and how each individual should have their own pillow type to accommodate their personal sleep preferences. The importance of choosing the correct pillow is essential, as problems such as back pain, aches and tension headaches are significantly reduced when done so. I have come to realize that when purchasing a quality pillow, it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ market and that each person has individual requirements that apply to them. From the findings of my extensive research I created samples and tested them myself to see which filling types would be sustainable and lead to a more comfortable night’s sleep. Upon delving further into this market, I was shocked to find there were not enough companies providing a bespoke pillow service to the general public. I decided to take it upon myself to create a platform where this shopping experience is easily accessible, and the customer has control over the density, filling material and the size of the product.

Our intention is to provide an excellent shopping experience where our customers have complete control and customization over our products. Quality is the nature of our company and affordability is paramount. We believe here at Kiplux it is important our products are designed to be durable and personal, tailored to suit your individual needs. Rest assured we are unlike other retailers, as we specialize in improving sleep quality as oppose to generic, mass produced products.


Our story is far from over, as we will continuously be on the hunt for innovative ideas and textiles. Through extensive research and design the journey to create the perfect pillow will continue.